[Edu-sig] The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Sep 16 18:20:17 CEST 2006

John Zelle wrote:

>>It is modest.  It is unconnected with Revelation, New Ages, and Second
>>Comings. It brings us to no new dimensions.  It actually brings no new
>>great amount of stature to the geeks of the world, or to the software
>>It must be on the right track.
>And I can't see how any reasonable person could be against that, which I why I 
>thought you were saying something else ;-). By all means, let's agree that 
>teaching some programming as part of math is a sensible enterprise. But 
>that's not happening at the moment, at least not around here.

In this incedible din, we can locate something that all reasonable 
people can agree about, and which is not being done - around here either.

Ok.  What's the plan? Who begins to take responsibility?

> I don't see 
>this as a reason to denigrate the computer scientists who are trying to 
>teach "intro to programming" courses as another entry point into this 
>important mathematical domain. 
I assure you I was trying to do no such thing..

I in fact am simply listening, and feeling that talents are being 
wasted, that college professors of CS should not be burderened with what 
would be sensibly thought of - in other fields - as remedial work.

>Let me add just one more thought before signing off on this thread 
>permanently. This undercurrent of "introduction to programming" as somehow 
>being a poor way to teach programming is still bothering me. 
I said that, yes.  But not, I think, in the way that you heard it.  I 
think, again, that the introduction to programming at a college level 
should be an introduction to programming, not remedial mathematics.


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