[Edu-sig] More on graphics with graphics.py (Zelle's)

Rob Malouf rmalouf at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Feb 12 22:09:31 CET 2007

On Feb 12, 2007, at 12:28 PM, kirby urner wrote:
> PPS:  this code isn't procedural though, may not be suitable for CS0
> within the United States (a math phobic distopia, except in patches)

Yeah, Kirby, we get it.  Can we move on now?

I'll confess -- I teach Python, and I don't introduce object-oriented  
design until the second semester (and even then I leave it as an  
option).  I have my reasons for doing it that way, and it's got  
nothing to do with concerns about math phobia.  Got a problem with  
that? Given that you know nothing about my students, my teaching  
goals, or our overall curriculum, what makes you think you're  
entitled to an opinion about my syllabus?

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