[Edu-sig] chicago hackmeeting 003 : lateral education

jake elliott racter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 21:00:32 CET 2007

hello python edu siggers,

apologies if you have seen this information on another channel

i'm reaching out for interest in developing the third chicago
hackmeeting - a collaboratively wiki-programmed conference slated for
march 16,17,18 @ daisychain [dai5ychain.net] in pilsen.chicago.il.us.

This hackmeeting is loosely themed around ( processes | projects |
practices ) of ( punk | lo-fi | bbs | irc | scriptkiddy )
training+education+skill-sharing. education as a component of a
radical social practice + mashing up (h)ac(k)ademics.

in other words - would love to host
conversations+presentations+workshops on
unschooling/electronic_constructivist/etc tactics employed in the
projects discussed on this listserv, and of course detailed
examination of the projects themselves.

the wiki we(|you)'re using to organize the weekend:

if you are not in chicago but still have an idea for a
discussion/workshop/presentation, propose it on the wiki + someone in
chicago will try to pick it up and facilitate it!


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