[Edu-sig] chicago hackmeeting 003 : lateral education

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 23:35:28 CET 2007

> in other words - would love to host
> conversations+presentations+workshops on
> unschooling/electronic_constructivist/etc tactics employed in the
> projects discussed on this listserv, and of course detailed
> examination of the projects themselves.

Sounds like fun jake, might dive in to your wiki.

Whereas our family studied the unschooling literature, having
been on the inside as a math teacher myself, I empathize with
my embattled peers, still on the front lines, still not allowed to
use Python, not even to teach basic algebra (!?).

How unfree, how dummydum DarkAges [tm].

So to help my embattled peers, I just threw together this little
screencast, some pro Python propaganda for the masses,


You're trying to persuade your peers or administrative higher ups
that your plans to integrate Python and math teaching are strictly
in accordance with traditional best practices. Strategy: show how
the basics of algebra, such as the definition and composition of
functions, are faithfully communicated in the Python command
line, with work saved between sessions. Students will be building
portfolios -- which is what we're already encouraging.

Low resolution (faster download) version:

Higher rez (slower download) version:

Running time: 4 mins 12 secs.


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