[Edu-sig] Pre-PEP was: The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

Andre Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 20:36:06 CET 2007

My apologies to those that feel annoyed I reply to one of my own post
(on December 22), without any other intervenor in between.

The pre-PEP has received some attention, including some positive one
from GvR.  Those interested to see his initial response can see it


Then, on December 23, he wrote:
BTW, can someone clean up and check in the proto-PEP and start working
on an implementation or patch? Should be really simple. I'd like to
see a patch for the refactoring tool (sandbox/2to3) as well.


I take this as a very positive sign.  Unfortunately, there appear to
have been no follow-up since.  Perhaps it is because it was so late in
the year, and when everyone came back, the issue had been forgotten.
In any event, I plan to go to Pycon 2007 and, if it hasn't been
followed-up by then, do some lobbying on behalf of all those on
edu-sig who have manifested their support for this issue in the past.


P.S.  Crunchy will be leading the way: I am planning to have support
for input()/raw_input() in the next release, and the semantic will be
that they will behave identically (i.e. return a string).  It is
already implemented for the embedded interpreter in svn.

On 12/22/06, Andre Roberge <andre.roberge at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all-
> I finally got the time to do a follow-up on python-3000 based on my original message on edu-sig.
> Those interested can look it up here:
>  http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-3000/2006-December/005242.html
> As I don't subscribe to the python-3000 list, I probably won't do any follow-up; we'll see what comes out of the discussion.
> André
> On 9/13/06, Andre Roberge <andre.roberge at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Hi-all,
> >
> > Having had a look at the discussion on the Python-3000 mailing list, I thought
> > it was appropriate to write a draft PEP with the intent of eventually posting
> > it on the Python 3000 list for "serious" discussion/future decision.
> >
> >
> [snip]

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