[Edu-sig] Tracing the Dynabook: A Dissertation

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Jan 19 14:47:59 CET 2007

Arthur wrote:
> kirby urner wrote:

> My *insistence* on certain things is that we are in fact talking about 
> things *lived*, not imagined.  The history with Kay at or near its 
> epicenter is very much *not* the history I lived. 

Damn it, I hate when Kirby is not only right, but more thorough.

There is another parallel story.  The story of let's call it - office 
productivity.  Seeing the fax machine come online.  People interfacing 
with complex machines in simple ways.  Producitivity.  Getting stuff 
out-the-door.  So we all get to eat.  Not an unimportant story.  Here 
the world of human-computer interface takes on its importance.  And I 
don't think one can talk about the world of human-computer interface 
without talking about Kay.

But this is edu-sig.

And I don't think it is the story that is of central relevance here.


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