[Edu-sig] Politics and Python in Education (meta on list charter)

Peter Bowyer peter at mapledesign.co.uk
Sun Jul 22 15:57:48 CEST 2007

At 17:13 21/07/2007, kirby urner wrote:
>The only problem I see in terms of reducing Kirby's "dominance"
>(measured as "relative frequency of posts"?), is I'm one of those
>actively teaching Python in a classroom setting.

I think frequency and length are a good measure of 
dominance.  Because it comes across like Kirby's or Paul's Journal - 
it's not often asking for input or in response to others' questions, 
it's information from you being shared.  There's valuable information 
there, but it's not fitting for an email list.  I mean 19kb Paul in 
response to my post!

>This idea that I'm just sitting back in an armchair, pontificating
>and theorizing, might fit some other subscribers here, but not me.
>In Portland, Oregon, we actually teach mathematics using Python.
>That's just the reality on the ground.  I use edu-sig to file notes on
>how we're doing that, helping to spread competence to other
>gnu math teachers out there (a growing army).

But is that edu-sig's role?  I'd say no - that's something for your 
own website/blog to fulfill, not a general discussion list.  I'd 
certainly not want you to never provide feedback, but give us brief 
updates on what you're finding works every so often and let us read 
it on your site if we choose.

It comes back to whether the list is viewed as information 
dissemination or a community.  I would strongly argue for the latter, 
as the former can be done by individuals.

Dominance by a few people doesn't build for an open community either, 
or even community.

>I'm also a busy professional, a DBA for a team of eminent heart
>surgeons, with clinical data going back to the 1960s (among other
>hats that I wear).

I have great respect for the amount you manage to do, one day I may 
reach this level of productivity!

In the end it's up to the list mom (an invention sorely missed these 
days) to say what we can and cannot do.  I mean no disrespect to your 
work by these postings Kirby.


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