[Edu-sig] More re OLPC

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 00:19:51 CET 2008

This just in:



Joe Deeley, a comedian on the Geek Comedy Tour, laid out a common
opinion, writing in the comments of Laptop Magazine's blog discussion.
"John Lennon probably would have endorsed the OLPC. I seriously doubt
he would have endorsed manipulating dead celebrities to say things we
'IMAGINE' they might have said. ... Congratulations on a bold new
level of newspeak. George Orwell would be proud. What's next? Elvis
for peace in Darfur? Why not? I believe he would have supported it.
John Wayne would probably have gotten behind AIDS education and
prevention measures. ... Where does it end? Why do we need dead people
to help us envision a better future? I suppose there's nobody alive
that would agree to this? Sad times."

Plus more OLPC stuff in my blog post today (BizMo Diaries).


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