[Edu-sig] O'Reilly Book on Google App Engine

csev csev at umich.edu
Wed Dec 31 21:22:17 CET 2008

Hi all,  I am finishing up the first draft on a book on Google's  
AppEngine and looking for technical reviewers of the book.

The book is titled, "Building Cloud Applications with Google  
AppEngine" and it is aimed at a very basic level of expertise.  It is  
my hope that it could be used as a self-contained first introduction  
to programming and certainly a first introduction to web programming.

It covers basic Python programming in a chapter and covers OO Python  
at various points in the book.

You can take a look at the book materials at:


I look forward to your comments.  If you are interested in being a  
reviewer for the book please send me a note.

Charles Severance
University of Michigan

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