[Edu-sig] posting from OSCON 2008

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 18:06:05 CEST 2008

Assembled geeks are settling in for morning keynotes, but rather than
repeat whats in the blogs, including mine, I'll use this space to
register some satisfaction with the social networking side.  I've been
comparing notes with Duncan McGreggor of divmod for example, a Twisted
guy (Electric Duncan blog), discovered some pleasing overlap when it
comes to native cultures (Lakota in his case, showed him the medicine
wheel in my Chicago talk video feed, like at showmedo).

Steve Holden kindly joined me at the Linus Pauling House (LP = x2
Nobel winner, chemistry & peace, a no nukes guy, vitamin C nut) where
I gave a lightning talk, after a brief tour, and before beers.**  I
flipped through the same butcher papers I'd used at my last conference
at Oregon State, mentions the P4E and HP4E projects (where I tend to
go with Python, tons on file already (open source flight plan)).

As I was mentioning to Anna of Alaska recently (TECC file), we're
moving towards autonomy in casinos network circles, in terms of having
local talent write some new games (still lots of import / export,
self-sufficiency doesn't mean isolation, means changing comparative
advantage equations, as economists put it).  Or, to make a long story
short, a Pygame slot machine, studied in math class, might go a long
way towards achieving these goals (more in my controlroom yesterday).


Fun story:  when I got home after the keynotes last night (Holden,
Shuttleworth, R0ml, Conway -- Holden did State of the Snake in a
superfast manner, way cool), my mom, 78, said she hoped Drupal got
mentioned, because as a web wrangler with wilpf.org, she really
appreciates Drupal.  Well, just so happens one of the coveted Google
O'Reilly awards went to a Drupal MVP, Angela Byron.


** LPH is where this group called Wanderers converges, lots of 'em
geeks, such as that Keith Lofstrom character, also around here

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