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> As I was mentioning to Anna of Alaska recently (TECC file), we're
> moving towards autonomy in casinos network circles, in terms of having
> local talent write some new games (still lots of import / export,
> self-sufficiency doesn't mean isolation, means changing comparative
> advantage equations, as economists put it).  Or, to make a long story
> short, a Pygame slot machine, studied in math class, might go a long
> way towards achieving these goals (more in my controlroom yesterday).
> http://controlroom.blogspot.com/2008/07/python-project.html

So I finally got around to searching for a Pygame slot machine, and
of course found one (smile).

The code is quite easy to follow and is therefore easily modified.

I've enhanced the above blog post with a brief embedded YouTube
and repointed a link to Stefan Jeremic's posting, in turn linked to his
source code.

The balance of my OSCON #10 experience focused a lot on demo-
graphics and recruiting a new ethnic mix, e.g. Emma Hogbin's
excellent presentation:


That seems a quasi-inevitable trend in any case, including right here
in Portland, which is now much abuzz with news of open source
economics -- e.g. we were the focus of a radio show this morning.


Given this is a boom sector, at least in relative terms, and actively
seeking new markets, an influx of "fresh blood" is very much in the
cards (and per Shuttleworth's keynote, that's a goal in any case,
so don't expect a lot of public complaining when it happens,
though privately some may whine (or whinge as the case may be)).

Many thanks to those of you who came up and introduced
yourselves.  Our edu-sig community appears to be thriving, both
on and off list.


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