[Edu-sig] Kirby from Pycon

Gregor Lingl gregor.lingl at aon.at
Tue Mar 18 01:57:23 CET 2008

Richard Guenther schrieb:
> Hi Gregor (and Kirby),
> I've been silent for a while on this list, as I've been in the process 
> of changing email accounts, installing various Linux distros, and my 
> full-time job....
> I teach high school students in Colorado, US.  I have downloaded 
> Xturtle and some of my students and I have played with each example.  
> I will show it to my programming club this week. 
> I like what I see so far.  I do use the regular turtle module, but 
> most of my students want to leave it behind and switch to pygame after 
> a little while.  Xturtle has some advantages.
> The xturtleDemo.py file runs quite well on Ubuntu Linux, except for 
> the moorhuhn game, which uses the winsound module.  I have not tested 
> any of this on Windows, but will do so soon.
Thanks for the feedback, Richard. Perhaps you could create a Linux 
version of moorhuhn game with some (to winsound equivalent module? If 
necessary, from pygame? Do you know the original moorhuhn game? If so, 
you certainly can tell me the original English name of the game. (I 
know, that the English word for Moorhuhn is grouse - but is this the 
name of the game?)

All the best

P.S.: Another interesting question is, if Guenther is an English name. 
In fact in German it's frequently used as a first name (as well as Richard).
> Thanks,
> Richard Guenther

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