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roberto> hello
roberto> (i am rather new in python ...)
roberto> i am about to start a course of physics and math for students aged
roberto> 14-17 (high school)
roberto> and i am deeply interested in the possibilty of teaching fundamental
roberto> concepts of these subjects via teaching programming;
roberto> i chose python (i won't change my mind ...)

I don't have a book, but sometimes we can get interest from
students, when they are able to construct nice things with
easy-to-use libraries as visual-python.


Take a look at a game a student made last year, she was 16yo, and
the complete game was completed in three weeks or so, she had
experience with python, but visual-python was new to her, the
physics concepts were in her head already :).  The page is in
spanish, but the screencasting shows how to use it.

You can download it via "Descargar juego", you'll need obviously
python-visual lib, apt-get it.

You can interact with blender via python too, but we haven't
experienced it with our students yet.

roberto> so i am looking for resources on how to deal with these topics via
roberto> this great programming language;
roberto> i need some help from you and moreover if you are aware of books
roberto> already covering these need
roberto> thank you in advance

She used pygame for another game she made, and this year our
students are finishing more pygame games.

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