[Edu-sig] What Linux distro?

Igor Támara igor at tamarapatino.org
Sun Apr 12 17:21:11 CEST 2009

Fahreddın> Hi,
Fahreddın> I have been developing a programmable scientific visualization
Fahreddın> tool/rapid game maker with wxPython for a while.  I recently released
Fahreddın> the first public beta version that works on windows only.  Now, I am
Fahreddın> going to start working on a Linux version very soon.  I have not
Fahreddın> decided which distro to use yet but leaning towards Ubuntu.  Could you
Fahreddın> give me some feedback?  What is the most popular distro in educational
Fahreddın> institutes/settings?

Take a look at debianedu[1], I guess Ubuntu will be propagated
easily to Ubuntu if it gets packaged by or for Debian. On the other
hand, take a look at easy_install[2] so dependencies won't be an
issue, depending on the requirements of mekanimo it would be
relatevely easy to make it redistributable on any distro.


For now if you are using babel or something else to the
internationalization, let me know where the repo is and I will be
happy to help translating to spanish the app, or the website.

Fahreddın> You can download the application from www.mekanimo.net.
Fahreddın> Also I have a 5 min video at
Fahreddın> http://mekanimomedia.s3.amazonaws.com/tangram/Tangram.html
Fahreddın> If you try the application, I would appreciate your feedback about that too.
Fahreddın> Thanks in advance,
Fahreddın> Fahri Basegmez
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