[Edu-sig] Voice-and-vision enabled open source educational software project in Python

John Graves john.graves at aut.ac.nz
Sun Mar 21 02:31:56 CET 2010

Progress on the Open Allure project


has led to demonstrated capabilities relating to voice recognition 


(and, more broadly, "gesture" or touchless pointing at http://bit.ly/openallure )

which suggest the potential for this type of system to become a viable and successful platform for collaborative development of intelligent interactive tutors which talk, watch, listen and respond in pedagogically meaningful ways on a wide variety of topics.  

The code for Open Allure is open source Python and the current version taps into the pygame, nltk and BeautifulSoup libraries.

Please take a look at the demonstration video(s) and consider, at least, sharing your ideas at 


If you'd like to be kept updated with developments on the project, please subscribe to the YouTube channel (above) or the Google discussion list at


Your insights and contributions will be much appreciated.

John Graves
john.graves at aut.ac.nz
PhD Student
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand

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