[Edu-sig] Python projects for CS1

Bill Punch punch at cse.msu.edu
Tue Mar 23 15:29:07 CET 2010

Given all the discussion about exercises, we though we'd throw in some 
of the work we've done. MSU has taught its CS1 course in Python since 
the Fall of 2007. Each semester we have the students complete 11 
programming projects (as homework). The homeworks start out easy and 
work their way up. Each project focuses on a particular topic i.e., 
strings, working with files, dictionaries etc.

We've collected those projects on a webpage. Each project has some 
supporting material and a solution. However, at the moment the solution 
is not shown. We are working on that.

Some of the projects ended up in the book we recently published 
("Practice of Computing Using Python", Punch, Enbody) but there are over 
58 listed here (and more coming) so there is a lot more listed on the 
web page


If you have any comments, we'd love to hear them.



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