[Edu-sig] Let's dump the Graphing Calculators!

A. Jorge Garcia calcpage at aol.com
Fri Jul 1 14:01:57 EDT 2016

Teachers want more pay and respect, and Jorge is a great role
model for why they'd deserve both if allowed to innovate in the
way Jorge has.  But most are on a very short leash and have to
do Pearson's dirty work as mind-killer slaves.  

Unfortunately, there's too many teachers who do not want to bother to innovate or think outside the box.

In the meantime, those very few schools who dare to break the 
mold are in a position to hugely advantage their students.  There's
nothing like shackling everyone else to TI calculators to help a 
lucky few stand out thanks to their school's bravery.

This is my hope!

What I don't get is why organizations like the IEEE or even the
NCTM itself don't raise a fuss or in any way to insist on educational
freedom.  Don't teachers want any freedom?  (Answer:  many 

Many teachers are afraid that they must adhere to the CC standard or their evaluations will suffer.
To give them the benefit of the doubt, many teachers don't have the time to put into creating their own curricula.

NCTM and IEEE do not seem to understand how they're digging 
their own graves with their silence and that, looking back, they're
going to seem awfully stick-in-the-mud as in "gee, look at these
interesting fossils".  You'd think at some point a sense of self-
preservation, of wanting to survive, would kick in.
I've said this for years. Ironically, I have spoken several times over the years at local T^3 conferences.
What's funny is that these are conferences about using TI hardware, however, I always talk about alternatives instead!

Sincerely, A. Jorge Garcia Applied Math, Physics & CS http://shadowfaxrant.blogspot.com http://www.youtube.com/calcpage2009 2013 NYS Secondary Math http://PAEMST.org Nominee
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