[EuroPython-Announce] EuroPython 2016: Getting your badge & ticket IDs

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Thu Jul 14 07:44:05 EDT 2016

For this year, we have reconsidered the way we give out badges to try
to reduce the queue lengths and your waiting time.

Badges distributed based on ticket ID

To make finding badges easier, we have printed the ticket ID on each
badge and will distribute badges based on ticket ID ranges. Each queue
will be for one ticket ID range.

Finding your ticket ID

We will send all attendees an email with their ticket ID, but you can
also look on the website to find your ticket ID. Simply log in and
then check the ticket page to find your ticket preview:


The ticket ID is listed at the bottom of the ticket preview.

If you forget your ticket ID, no worries. We will have a number of
volunteers at the registration desk with a mobile app to quickly
search the ticket database for your ticket. Simply ask them to help
you find the right queue and you’re all set.

Should they have trouble finding your ticket in the database, you’ll
be asked to visit the registration counter to sort out any issues.

Please check your ticket

Please note that in order to find your tickets, the person who bought
the ticket will have to have assigned the ticket to you, as we’ve
outline in a previous blog post:


We already know that there are a number of tickets which have not been
assigned to the final attendee, so please double check that you can
see your ticket on the ticket page after logging in to the website:


If you cannot find your ticket on that page, please ask the person who
bought the ticket for you. The process for assigning the ticket is
described in our blog post on the topic. If all else fails, simply
write to our helpdesk at europython.eu for help.

Opening times of the registration desks

These are the planned opening times of the registration desks where
you can pick up your badge (or buy conference tickets or day passes).

* Sunday, July 17

In the afternoon at 16:00, we will open the registration desk at the
main conference venue, the Euskalduna Conference Center (ECC). It’ll
stay open until around 19:00. You will be able to pick up the badges
for your already purchased tickets as well as buy new ones at this
registration desk.

* Monday, July 18

The registration desk at the conference venue, the Euskalduna
Conference Center (ECC), will open at 08:00 on Monday.

Conference bag distribution

We will do the bag stuffing on Sunday, starting at around 16:00 at the
ECC. You’re welcome to come and help. The stuffed bags will then be
distributed starting on Monday.

With gravitational regards,
EuroPython 2016 Team

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