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At this year’s General Assembly we will vote in a new board of the
EuroPython Society:


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List of Board Candidates

The EPS bylaws require one chair and 2 - 6 board members. The
following candidates have stated their willingness to work on the EPS
board. We are presenting them here (in alphabetical order).

Borja Ayerdi

PhD Student / Co-Founder and CEO of Neurita / Treasurer

Borja is a PhD student in the University of the Basque Country. He has
a degree in Information Engineering of the same university. His PhD
thesis is focused in several areas of machine learning applications to
image processing, including aortic and brain imaging as well as
hyperspectral satellite imaging. He uses Python for his research

He is a co-founder and the treasurer of the non-profit Python San
Sebastian society (ACPySS).  With the local community he is
co-organizer of Python San Sebastian Conference Series. He is member
of the EuroPython 2015 and 2016 core organization team. He loves the
social interaction and the community.

Christian Calogero Barra

Curious / Traveler / Pythonista / Student of Statistics @UNIPD

>From 2015 he is a member of the EuroPython Organisers, chair of the
Web workgroup and a member of the Program and Support workgroup.  He
is a Free Software enthusiasm and he would like to teach Python to
european kids.

Until 2014 he had a company in the renewable energy sector, company
founded in 2009.

He is also a member of PyCon Italia Organisers and Python Italia
Association and plans to join other Python Communities in Europe.
Currently is studying Statistics at the University of Padua, with a
focus on big data and technology applications.

When he is not having fun with his computer he likes to enjoy Travels,
the Nature, sports and books.

Oier Echaniz Beneitez

PhD Student /  Consultant / Chair of ACPySS

Oier currently is a PhD Student in the University of the Basque
Country. He has a degree in Information Engineering from the same
university. His PhD is focused in medical imaging, cancer diagnosis
and machine learning. He uses Python in his daily programming
projects. He is also co-founder and chair of the Python San Sebastian
society (ACPySS), a non-profit organization involved in the use of
Python, Free Software and Technology in business and education. With
the local community he co-organized a Software Carpentry and is
co-organizer in the Python San Sebastian conference series. He is
member of the EuroPython 2015 and 2016 core organization team.

In his leisure time he helps as an IT expert in a non-profit
organization called ASPANOGI. This organization takes care of children
with cancer, teaching them computer science and providing them tools
and machines where they can play during hospitalization.

Joaquin Berenguer

PhD / Consultant / Software Engineering Manager

Joaquin is Director at Berentec, a Professional Services Company.

He has a MS in Telecommunication at University of Madrid, and MS in
Robotics at University of Alicante, Services Manager at Sybase during
19 years.

Python is my favorite Language, and EPS gives the opportunity to be
engaged in the future of this Language.

Dr. Darya Chyzhyk

PhD / Python programming enthusiastic for research and science

Currently, Darya is a Post-Doc at the University of Florida, USA. She
has a degree in applied mathematics and defended her thesis in
computer science. Last 7 years Darya has been working on computer
aided diagnostic computer systems for brain diseases at the University
of the Basque Country, Spain and she is a member of of the
Computational Intelligence Group since 2009. Her aim is to develop
computational methods for brain MRI processing and analysis, including
open sours tools, that help to the medical people in their specific
pathologies research studies.

She has experience in International Conference organization and take
part in the events for the teenagers and kids such as Week of
science. Participant in more than 10 international science conference,
trainings and summer courses.

Board member of Python San Sebastian Society (ACPySS) and on-site team
of EuroPython 2015 and 2016.

Alexander Hendorf

Pythonista / CTO / Speaker / Data-Nerd

As Chief Information Officer of German management consultancy
Königsweg, Alexander is guiding enterprises and institutions through
change processes of digitalization and automation.

Alexander always loved data almost as much as music and so no wonder
he’s organizer of local meet ups and one of the 25 mongoDB Community

He loves to share this expertise and engages in the global community
as program chair of the EuroPython conference, speaker and trainer at
multiple international conferences.

Since 2015 he is member of the EuroPython core organization team.

Marc-André Lemburg

Pythonista / CEO / Coach / Consultant

Marc-Andre is the CEO and founder of eGenix.com, a Python-focused
project and consulting company based in Germany. He has a degree in
mathematics from the University of Düsseldorf. His work with and for
Python started in 1994. He became Python Core Developer in 1997,
designed and implemented the Unicode support in Python and continued
to maintain the Python Unicode implementation for more than a
decade. Marc-Andre is a founding member of the Python Software
Foundation (PSF) and has served on the PSF Board several times.

In 2002, Marc-Andre was on the executive committee to run the first
EuroPython conference in Charleroi, Belgium. He also co-organized the
second EuroPython 2003 conference. Since then, he has attended every
single EuroPython conference and continued being involved in the
workings of the conference organization.

In 2012, he was elected as board member of the EuroPython Society
(EPS). He enjoyed the last few years working with the EPS board
members on steering the EuroPython conference to the new successful
EuroPython Workgroup structures to sustain the continued growth, while
maintaining the EuroPython spirit and fun aspect of the conference.

For the EuroPython 2016 edition, Marc-Andre chaired the EuroPython
Admin WG and Communications WG and contributed to several other
WGs. He worked on the EuroPython website, signed up new sponsors,
setup the conference app, wrote tools for the registration desk, the
schedule and the speaker lists. He also setup the pre-launch website
back in Nov 2015, helped running the budget and kept an eye on the EPS

Going forward, he would like to broaden the scope of the EPS, aiding
Python adoption in Europe, enable it to provide full financial backing
of the conference and prepare it for a bright future.

Anthon van der Neut

Consultant / Software Engineering Manager

He has been working with Python on a professional basis since 1998,
after having been introduced to the language a few years earlier while
working in Amsterdam. Since 2007 he maintains the C implementation of
OrderedDict he developed, used by those pythonistas for whom a Pure
Python implementation is not fast enough. He has spoken at and visited
PyCon and visited several EuroPythons after moving back to Europe.

He has managed software development in companies across 3 continents,
primarily oriented at 3D resp. 2D computer graphics and media
management software. This included managing the Commotion development
team, then used at ILM for rotoscoping Star Wars episodes I-III.

He was quaestor on the board of the student society Augustinus while
studying Mathematics, Japanese and Linguistics in Leiden. He was
founding chairman of the Dutch 68000 user group (back in 1984 when
that processor was state-of-the-art) and published about his work on
how to hook up a floating point coprocessor in his Atari ST, as well
as on how to adapt the libraries of Modula-2 to use it.

More recently he has managed the website and member administration of
his local karate-club.

When not working on Python, but still at the computer, he can be found
answering questions on the Unix & Linux resp. Ebooks StackExchange
sites, or refreshing his math skills at Khan Academy where he is one
of the few to hold the coveted Tesla badge.

When detached from his keyboard, he can be found cooking for his
teenage daughter or practising karate.

He joined the EPS as he likes to work with like minded people in a
multicultural environment promoting his favourite programming

Dr. Alexandre Manhaes Savio

Pythonista / PhD / Co-Founder and CTO / Trainer / Spokesperson

Alex has a PhD on machine learning applied to different modalities of
brain MRI for the detection of neurodegeneration and psychiatric
disorders. After that he tried to start a company, but instead
co-founded a local Python society called ACPySS. He was one of the
core organizers of EP2015 and now EP2016.

He currently works as a researcher in the Nuclear Medicine Department
of the university clinic of the Technical University of Munich in
Germany. There he contributes to and create neuroimaging modules with
Python as well as code to improve the efficiency of the EuroPython
organization tasks. He doesn’t know very well what to do with his life
so he is trying to enjoy it for now.

What does the EPS Board do ?

The EPS board runs the day-to-day business of the EuroPython
Society. It is allowed to enter contracts for the society and handle
any issues that have not been otherwise regulated in the bylaws or by
the General Assembly. Most business is handled by email on the board
mailing list, board meetings are usually run as conference calls.

Board members are generally expected to take on leadership roles
within the EuroPython Workgroups.

EuroPython Society

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