[EuroPython] Website for the Conference

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 12:05:04 +0100

Tim Couper wrote:
> > 
> > As promised, I started to setup a page at the URL
> > http://europython.p3b.org
> > It's far from perfect, but that's the best one
> > online ;-)
> A great start! I'll put a notice up about this page
> this morning at Python 10.

What's the status on the www.europython.org site? Last I knew I'd made
all the right people talk to each other... :) I'd like to get that one
up and running asap.

> > What about europython.org ? 
> > Who wants to contribute ?
> I'm unsure who is/are the "point person(s)" for the
> Europython conference, so I'll use the group to offer
> my assistance in giving time to make the EuroPython
> conference a success. 

The group is really the point person, but I suppose I could be described
as one of the organizers, so message received. Thanks!

You can offer immediate assistance in figuring out what happened with
europython.org. Talk to:

ivo@amaze.nl (Ivo van Wijk from Amaze, zope hosting provider in the
Netherlands who offered to host it)

Thomas Reulbach <thomas@reulbach.com>, has the domain, is willing to
do whatever is required to make it all work.

Nicolas Pettiaux <nicolas.pettiaux@openbe.org> -- since Nicolas is organizing
all kinds of important stuff this month we can expect less from him; 
you'd be replacing him in trying to put the website together.

And Denis (<spirou@colnet.carolo.net>) who has a website up already. We
need to move the material over there to a few pages on the www.europython.org
site as soon as possible. And get rid of the 'Developers' word in the
conference title as I see it on the web page. The conference title is as it's
in the press release, and can be shortened to EuroPython (2002).

Your job would be to nag everybody until it works, hopefully by today or
tomorrow. Then you can get back to me and others over here so we can
flesh out some more of the text that should go on this site.

> If someone could get in touch
> with me about the roles that need filling, I'll see if
> any fit my skillset. Please refer to Marc-Andre for a
> character reference :-)

Hm, well, the first thing that was in my mind was the role I described
just now. Once that's moving along we can come up with something better.


Martijn (too busy to nag :)