[EuroPython] ConferenceInformationRelease and RequestForPapers

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@ael.be
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 17:16:05 +0100

Le Dimanche 10 F=E9vrier 2002 15:35, M.-A. Lemburg a =E9crit :
> Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> > Dear
> >
> > I have just added
> >
> > http://europython.zope.nl/wiki/ConferenceInformationRelease
> Good start :-) I would put a little more emphasis on high level
> introductions, though (the topics look too technical). We should
> try to attract not only developers but also people seeking
> guidance about whether or not to use Python in future projects.


> The "Python in the Real World" track should explicitly focus
> on decision makers for this reason.

Yes , I fully agree.=20

As I am rather not anymore a technician (or let's say the technices is no=
anymore my main objective), this is the track (with a similar one for zop=
that I am ready to help to manage.=20

> > and
> >
> > http://europython.zope.nl/wiki/RequestForPapers
> Looks perfect for conference presentations, but it is missing some
> important parts for a "call for papers" -- the paper submission
> guidelines ;-)

right. Didn't have the time to put that in.

> Now, papers are generally tough to manage since you need referees,
> several rounds etc. Perhaps we don't want refereed papers at the
> first conference ?! In that case, I'd call the page "Request for
> Participation" (like the O'Reilly page is called).

good idea.


Nicolas Pettiaux
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