[EuroPython] send out press release

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:06:50 +0100

Stefane Fermigier wrote:
> I would suggest rewriting the title like:
>   European Python and Zope Conference 2002 to take place in Charleroi, Belgium,
>   June 26-28

Hmm, maybe I have missed something here, but why is there such an
emphasis on "Zope Conference" all of the sudden ? AFAIR, the original
intent was to have a Zope track at a Python conference...
> And the header like:
>         Charleroi, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, xxx, February 11

We should just use Charleroi, since that's where the EuroPython 
Conference Team is "officially" located.
>         For immediate release
>         The EuroPython Conference Team announces that the European Python and Zope
>         Conference 2002 will take place on June 26-28 in Charleroi, Belgium.  This
>         conference is an unique opportunity to bring together developers and users of

The press release has the order right: "users and developers" :-)

>         Python, the fastest growing open source / free software scripting language,
>         and Zope, the leading open source / free software application server and
>         content management platform.  [Add more important information here]

Let's just leave it at "open source". I wouldn't want us to get 
into discussions about what definition of "free" we mean here and,
most of all, avoid any confusion this whole discussion might
cause. Again, the press release is right here.

Something I changed in the press-release is the mentioning of 
Java: you don't want to compare Python to Java or Zope to J2EE;
that's a road with a dead end in business talks.

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