[EuroPython] send out press release

Stefane Fermigier sf@fermigier.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:15:01 +0100

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 05:06:50PM +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Stefane Fermigier wrote:
> >=20
> > I would suggest rewriting the title like:
> >=20
> >   European Python and Zope Conference 2002 to take place in Charleroi=
, Belgium,
> >   June 26-28
> Hmm, maybe I have missed something here, but why is there such an
> emphasis on "Zope Conference" all of the sudden ? AFAIR, the original
> intent was to have a Zope track at a Python conference...

"European Python and Zope Conference" was something I took from the
current PR.

But I think that the original intent, back in december in Charleroi, was
to call it that way, since this would bring more people to it.

> > And the header like:
> >=20
> >         Charleroi, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, xxx, February 11
> We should just use Charleroi, since that's where the EuroPython=20
> Conference Team is "officially" located.

That's an option. But giving a lot of places is a way to say this is trul=
a european event.

> >         Conference 2002 will take place on June 26-28 in Charleroi, B=
elgium.  This
> >         conference is an unique opportunity to bring together develop=
ers and users of
> The press release has the order right: "users and developers" :-)


> >         Python, the fastest growing open source / free software scrip=
ting language,
> >         and Zope, the leading open source / free software application=
 server and
> >         content management platform.  [Add more important information=
> Let's just leave it at "open source". I wouldn't want us to get=20
> into discussions about what definition of "free" we mean here and,
> most of all, avoid any confusion this whole discussion might
> cause. Again, the press release is right here.

I'm sure a lot of people (RMS) would disagree.

> Something I changed in the press-release is the mentioning of=20
> Java: you don't want to compare Python to Java or Zope to J2EE;
> that's a road with a dead end in business talks.



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