[EuroPython] Ok, back

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@openbe.org
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 06:31:01 +0100

Le Vendredi 15 F=E9vrier 2002 03:05, Martijn Faassen a =E9crit :
> Tom Deprez wrote:
> [snip]
> > 1. Although I'm not used to ZPT, I'm in favor doing it this way... ar=
> > there people having objectives to ZPT?
> ZPT's fine with me, but no objections to DTML. Infrae (Kit and I :) hav=
> been switching our development from DTML to ZPT in the last few months
> and we noticed getting the hang of it happened very quickly.

NO idea, but the one that I also want to learn about ZPT

> > 2. Are there people who are used at developing CSS? If so, is it poss=
> > to make a quick one, which can be used during development and which o=
> > contains most thingies (but doesn't have to be final).
> I can ask Kit here. I'll let you know tomorrow.
> > Could it be done before saterday? I would like to make a very prelimi=
> > thing on which we than can build further.
> Up to you guys. :)
> > 3. I don't think the site has to be really eye-catching. The most
> > important thing is:
> >
> > -all the needed must be there and it must be easely found.

> Agreed. It just needs to look nice and clean.


> > 5. We need to make entries for sure:
> >
> > * Where it takes place, how to get there, ...
> > * Hotels, How to get to the congress.
> > * Conference Schedules
> > * Speakers
> > * News section (really needed?)
> > * Subscription section
> > * Section to send the abstracts by email?
> > * Sponsors
> > * Organisators/ Contact Persons

> By next week I expect some of our wiki pages will be cooked enough to
> start moving over the text into the website proper.=20

Yes, much of this material already exist in the wiki

> The PR team and
> associated chaff like me should be the ones determining what is ready f=
> publication, though of course help from you (like this list above) is
> gladly accepted.

I did not find the PRteam in the wiki . I propose to be one of them.

> Anyway, we'll let you (the web people) know what material we have ready=
> Since it's in the wiki it'll be structured text already, so if you coul=
> make the pages work with that we can move quickly.
> The texts that will ready first will be the general information about
> the conference (press release and other information). Afterwards I thin=
> we should start running simple news items ("Christian Tismer will speak
> about stackless!") to make people excited. After a while we should
> have some forms ready and will move on to accepting submissions for
> abstracts and finally (pre) registrations.

> How does that sound?

very well

Please not that I'll be away for 3 days (not next to any computer) and th=
then I'll be extremely busy on Tuesday and Wednesday with conferences, so=
I'll probably be back somehow only next thursday.

Take care and work well.


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