[EuroPython] Website

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:32:18 +0100

Hi all,

For those who want to know, I changed the internals of the website a little
bit. Ie, I transformed it to use ZPT macros/slots.
The only available links at the moment are the left links. These are auto
generated from the folders (which have visible set to true) in the root of
the ZODB

As an example to add content, you can look at the 'place' folder.
ie. the STX text is placed in a dtml-method called 'content'.
With the help of the getContentSTX script this is included in the web-page.
We could provide other scripts, so that other formats can be used as well.

This is just a mockup, so destroy/kill/change it if you feel to do so :-).

Regards, Tom.