[EuroPython] Re: [EuroPython] I asked Jacob Hall?n how long it would take to make a non profit society in Sweden.

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:47:39 +0100

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> > That said, one main question remains as to what we're actually founding:
> > 
> >   * an organization dedicated to the organization of EuroPython
> >     *conferences*
> > 
> >   * a more general organization about Python in Europe that happens to
> >     also organize conferences; i.e. a EuroPython Foundation. 
> > 
> > So what do people think is best?
> KISS + "Overdesign is bad" = let's go for the simplest one, we'll get into
> the trouble of upgrading it later if need arises :-)

I'd interpret this as trying for the more general European Python
organization first, and later on if there's sufficient risk creating other
organizations particularly in charge of organizing and taking the risk
for the conferences. So the simplest solution would simply be a 
EuroPython Foundation, sister organization to the Zope one.