[EuroPython] What about this logo ???

Odile Bénassy obenassy@free.fr
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:26:23 +0100

Nicolas Chauvat a écrit :
> =

> > 1) we don't need "suits" that much
> =

> I do to make a living. =

I know
Me too
I said "that much"
I think this conference is *primarily* intended as a programmers meeting

>They are the ones who buy stuff and I am running a
> Python-maniac company. I would very much like to meet with lots of them=

> there as well as meeting with fellow python hackers.
> =

> > 2) they get used to that "hackers" style thes days, don't you think ?=

> =

> Nope. I think Laura is right here. Good suits are serious suits and pre=
> to do business with serious-looking people.

yes and no
For a long time they know what serious programmers look like
they do not expect serious programmers to look like ex-Harvard MBA

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