[EuroPython] Calling Web and Design teams

Olivier Laurent oli@aragne.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 19:47:41 +0100

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 11:57, Tom Deprez wrote:
> >The site is nearly exactly following the conventions that Tom talked about
> a few lines above. With the exception that I'm not using structured text.

I talked about Tom but it was Philippe Jadin. Sorry for that.

> Yes, it would be nice to snip some code :-)
> But, If I read correctly, you are using DTML? I'm thinking on using ZPT and
> STX (since all the wiki content is written in STX), but this doesn't mean
> we can't use code from the P3B site.

Using STX is not a problem. But for ZPT there will probably be a lot of code 
rewriting since everything is formated using DTML. But if there is a ZPT 
specialist that is also good at DTML, everything is possible. 

> > I also have a simple css style sheet.
> Nice, If we could use this one, then we can easily update the site when the
> final CSS is ready

I create an account for you (Tom) on our new server and I email you (on your 
other account) the password. Change it as soon as you can.

Olivier Laurent.
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