AW: AW: [EuroPython] Budget Team: Association (EEIG / EWIV) Links; Chareloi team

Andrew Smart
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 20:30:59 +0100

> Auftrag von Denis
> The positive point is that I met lots of people to which I asked for
> support (IBM, Systemat, O'Reilly, TV people, and a lot more).

Good! What did they answer? :-) (just curious)

> I proposed (as Joachim) we use existing structures *for_the_moment*,
> so that we're not in a hurry to create a brand new EuroPython org.
> Nobody seems to take this alternative into account.
> The requirements seem to be :
> 1. a non-profit organization
> 2. preferably Belgium/Charleroi based
> 3. with a bank account quickly effective
> P3B fullfills these requirements.
> What else do you want ?
> Why is that proposition not valuable ?
> Is it because you wouldn't trust P3B ?

If have no problems with P3B... I think the discussion has gone astray a bit
and finally got to "how to create a new organisation". I have no problems if
P3B is willing to let them be "official organisator". I think they won't
exclude us for doing the work ;-) or make our decisions about tracks and
stuff like that...

If they have what we need (official status, non-profit, bank account) and
they are willing to help us: let's go to other topics, we have enough to do.

I think we have gained valueable knowledge and maybe we can use that to
create a european wide organisation for supporting Python. Maybe while the
conference is going on... and, of course, if we found something, we have to
have a party... :-) But I'm not pushing this, if we don't found anything
it's ok for me, because then we can spend the time to have a party

Now: who is who in P3B? Can we have something "official" from them (joining
the list, saying something about what their support can be)? Denis, have you
some official role in P3B?

Andrew (finally happy that we come now to offers, facts and decisions... :-)