[EuroPython] europython web developers

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 15:07:13 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:
> To all people interested in web development:
> For the moment, the following people took part in discussion:
> faassen@vet.uu.nl (I think Martijn would like to help us with ZFormulater?)

I can help with Formulator as well as with other technical detail. But
since I wear various hats on the list I can't really guarantee a lot of time.

> Could we start a discussion on how we would structure the site?
> Just some info on the state right now:
> The site is only a one-level site, ie all content is put into folders and
> these folders make the left menu.
> There is a very basic ZPT framework which creates the left menu and there is
> a basic python script which can be used to include STX inside the body of
> the ZPT framework. The left menu is created from folders with a 'visible'
> property set to 'on'

> I think we can use this basic structure to go further with the development.
> We can create the structure by adding folders. When the content of a folder
> is finished, we can set the visible property to true.
> The ZPT framework will do for now.

Indeed, sounds like a very good start to me.

> If we want to add other autogenerated
> things like breadcrumbs etc, all we've to do is to add some code to the
> framework. This way we can create a working but rude version of the site.

I can supply a bit of breadcrumb python script easily. But I'm sure
you can too. :)
> Now, it is time to think about the structure. What will go in as first
> level, .how many levels we think are needed, etc...
> Let's brainstorm and then incorporate the structure right away. After this,
> we can start on the discussion of the content of every folder and then
> devide the work.

Note that this is also relevant to the PR people and so on, not just
to the web, as we're talking about contents here. I'll create a wiki
page of your structure and announce it up for some discussion, in case
you missed something. Then after a (short) amount of discussion, we'll whip
it up.

[snip site structure proposal]

> What about the different languages? How will we handle this? eg the
> Press-Releases
> Should we have to make the site full multi-langual? I think English is good
> enough for most of the site.

Let's start out in English, and if people become very motivated to make
it multilingual they can lend a hand. We should provide the press release
in multiple languages though, but that's simple enough to accomplish.