[EuroPython] Tutorial Schedule

Laura Creighton lac@strakt.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 06:18:47 +0200

>.....  Then, later on, Tom
> said an extra room was available for half the morning, and Alexand
> re Fayolle
> said he wanted as much time as possible; but I ran out of time to =

> actually
> pin the times down. I propose to give Alexandre Fayolle 2 hours 15
>  minutes,
> so we have this:
> =

> Room A:
>   9:00-10:30, 11:00-11:45:  Alexandre Fayolle, Python and XML
>   11:45-12:30               Alex Martelli, Creating Python Extensi
> ons in C
> =

> Room B:
>  9:00-9:45 Alex Martelli, Iterators and Generators for Fun and Pro
> fit
>  9:45-10:30 Jacob Hall=E9n, Threading in Python
> =

> The database also contains a tutorial by Godefroid Chapelle which =

> I am
> pretty sure belongs in the Zope track
> =

> Does this work for everyone, especially the speakers?  I am not su
> re how to
> represent the rooms and the split session in the database, and won
> der if we
> need a field for 'room number'?

This  is Ok from AB Strakt's end.  Alex has 2 tutorials, and while
the Extensions one is playing nicely and fitting into 45 minutes, =

Iterators and Generators would like to be larger, but Alex can
force it to fit.  Jacob's threading tutorial fits nicely in 45 minutes.
We are getting these tutorials videotapes for the AB Strakt library,
so the fact that they do not overlap in separate rooms is good for us.
When the extra time became available, we didn't know if that was going
to be possible.  So from our end the only sadness is not being able
to attend Alexandre Fayolle's XML talk.  Schedule Alex's Iterators
in the room that is likely to have extra time, if such a room exists.
Do not worry about it if this is not possible -- Alex can make it fit
into 45 minutes as promised.

On another note, I am leaving Friday afternoon (14th) for 2 weeks vacation
in France and am proceeding to EuroPython.  =

Laura Creighton=