[EuroPython] URGENT: Track Chairmen: Talk Database

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:53:50 -0400

I just cleaned up the text for the lightning talks, though some of them 
might still have too long descriptions.  I contacted four people for bio 

Someone went through and assigned times -- thanks!  However, there's one 
person that needs to get the first slot.  If you were the one that set 
the times, can you email me and we'll straighten it out?


M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> To all track chairmen,
> please update the talk database and esp. clean up the time entries.
> Some talks still have a 0:00 time scheduled. These won't be printed
> in the brochure, so you better assign some rough estimates to the
> talks today.
> Some other things to clean up:
> * make sure that all bios are in the database (duplicate ones
>   that are missing; each talks *has* to have a bio attached to it)
> * the bios shouldn't be too long -- it looks strange when the
>   bio is much longer than the talk description
> * please spell check the description and bios
> We have decided to use the following room assignments:
>           o day1: slot1 = C, slot2 = B, slot3 = A
>           o day2: slot1 = A, slot2 = C, slot3 = B
>           o day3: slot1 = B, slot2 = A, slot3 = C
> A = auditorium
> B, C = multi-purpose room
> Slots as given in Tom's nice graphics:
>    http://europython.zope.nl/sessions/timeschedule
> If the room field is not set for your talks, please update
> these as well.
> Note that this is the last chance to make updates, since the
> data will then go directly into the brochure tomorrow
> morning.
> Thanks,