[EuroPython] Conference brochure draft for review

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:42:43 -0400

Thanks Andy, good job laying this out, it's really attractive!  Comments 

1) First, for some reason this crashes the mess out of Acrobat 4 on 
Win2k (crash meaning it would hang my GUI until the task manager finally 
got around to killing it).  I upgraded to Acrobat 5 reader and it solved 
the problem.

2) In the table of contents, the first link is "Welcome to EuroPython 
2002 (EPC2002).  The "C" in "EPC" seems to appear from nowhere. :^)

3) In the toc, the track names seem to be abbreviated forms.  For 
instance, "Python Science Industry" seems a bit hard to grok.

4) There are a couple more interviews that have gone up recently.  Don't 
know if it is too late to include them.  The interviews seem to add a 
lot of bulk to the program.

5) I'm not too sure about the second paragraph on page three "ups and 
downs".  But this is their letter, so it should be their words.

6) I'll lobby though for one editorial addition to this page...can we go 
beyond thanking them for attending, into encouraging them to keep 
participating, particularly for the next one?

7) The quote at the top of page 3 is missing a period at the end, after 

8) Page 4, should the names be highlighted more (italics, underlines, bold)?

9) In Tom's section, should "As freelancer" be "As a freelancer"?

10) Paragraph 2 under Tom is missing a period after "applications"

11) Next paragraph, "seperate" -> "separate"

12) Next paragraph, "intranet, extranet" -> "intranet and extranet" ??

13) "One of Tom's biggest hobbies...are" -> "One of Tom's biggest 

14) Under Denis, I'm pretty sure the word "derivated" was derived from 
another word. :^)

15) "One of the first Python book" -> "books"

16) Under MAL, "...in 1993/4, in 1997" -> "...in 1993/4.  In 1997" ???

17) Boy that timetable laid out nicely!

18) In the timetable, should "Room A" etc. be centered, perhaps?

19) Should we have the times in bold, to make it easier to scan?

20) I like the way the sponsor boxes were done.

21) In Aragne's box on page 7, it looks like the text after "Boulevard" 
got greeked.  Also, Belg has a line through it.

22) I need to remove the BoF scheduled by me in Room B on Friday 
morning.  I supposed to be hosting the lightning talks!

23) Page 19 is kind of empty.

I'll try to look through the main text tomorrow.  Again, the layout is 
gorgeous, good job!


Andy Robinson wrote:
> A draft of the EuroPython brochure is up for review
> at
>   http://www.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure.pdf
> Size is 1.6Mb.  There are some minor additions and
> changes to come (e.g. more interviews to add). It is 
> built from the track info in the Zope database, so
> will be only as good as the input data!
> We would be grateful for anyone who can proofread
> this; especially, could track chairs and speakers please 
> check the accuracy of speakers, bios, time allocations and
> so on?  We really need feedback TOMORROW (Wednesday)
> to get to a stable "version 1.0".
> Best Regards,
> Andy Robinson
> CEO, ReportLab Inc.
> p.s. thanks to John, Robin, Marc-Andre and Tom for all
> their hard work on this.
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