[EuroPython] Brochure

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:05:33 +0200


I want to draw a line on what happened today. This is clearly the
*worst* scenario on how to start a conference. I'm glad to say that this
is at least something where we can say that we all share credit for it.
I think I can see several people smile now, when reading this list...
(nodding they were right about their ideas on EP)

To tell you the truth, I'm a lot afraid of what will happen on
wednesday, I'm scared to show my face at the conference. Perhaps I'm the
only one with this feeling, but this is really not the climate we
intended to create.

Nobody speaks up anymore, nobody brings in a solution (proposing a
solution, but not working it out, is no solution), so I'll do it. I take
up the responsibility and I will personally accept all the messages of
people who disagree.

1) I think because of what happened today, nobody earns credit, so it is
the best to just drop the information from that. Everybody will know
what he did him/herself and the others will know too.

2) Nobody brought in a credit list which could be used in the brochure.
I've no time to make a list myself and seriously, I don't even want to
put time in it.

3) We will forget a lot of people (we did already), people who worked
behind the scenes, like the secretary of Marc, the local people of
Aragne, etc.


So, Andy (or anybody from Reportlab) can you please just remove the
following page :

Page 4 : The EuroPython Organization Team

And change:

Page 46 By removing the Credits section.

After you've done this, let me know, so that I make a news item on the
list to let people know the brochure is downloadable.

Thanks Andy


I've learned a lot during these last months, I think it is part of
growing up. I had a more idyllic picture, but learned that it isn't.
Now, I hope that we can still have a good EuroPython without too much
hard feelings. Let's put these aside and make something nice out of it.

I only hope that some broken pots can still be glued.