[EuroPython] Brochure

Denis denis@aragne.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 23:26:06 +0200

Le Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 10:05:33PM +0200, Tom Deprez pianota:
> Hi,
> I want to draw a line on what happened today.

I'm sure we all want.

> This is clearly the *worst* scenario on how to start a conference.

No, it could be far more awful. :-)

> To tell you the truth, I'm a lot afraid of what will happen on
> wednesday, I'm scared to show my face at the conference.

I'm sure it will be OK. We'll all drink a good Chimay beer and we'll
end in kissing eachother.

True ! The Chimay Browery will sponsor us !

They ask no ad, no credit ;-) and they will offer you all a very good
blond beer. Not a pissy pils, a real Belgian Beer, the best ever.
  see http://www.chimay.com
You have to eat Chimay cheese when you drink Chimay beer. We'll also get
5 kilograms cheese. Not per person, for all of us, except for Steeve
Alexander. ;-) (he knows why)

Marc-Andre's point of view is not totally wrong, but when we start
giving credits, it has to be unfair for someone. Let's throw any
personnal credit away, we all agreed in the beginning it would be a
community organizaion. The press-release states that EuroPython Team is
the organizer. When you'll need to have credit, in front of a customer
for example, just say *you* and a whole community behind you has
organized this event. That should be enough. 

While we're discussing here, we're not biting at java or .asp market

Python is strength and fun. Zope is a real killer app. 
EuroPython 2002 will be a fair.


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