[EuroPython] Thanks!

Denis Frère denis@aragne.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 03:06:04 +0200

Le Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 12:36:02PM -0400, Stephan R.A. Deibel pianota:
> Hi,
> As another sad absentee, I also wanted to thank you all for putting
> together EuroPython!  It sounds to me like a great success already,
> just from looking at the website, schedule, and brochure.
> Congratulations!

Hi Stephan, (hi everybody on the list)

Day 2 is over now. Some courageous guys are finishing it drinking
belgian beers. In the bar I just left, there is no more Chimay, but
there are so many good beers to drink before the cellar is empty ! :-)

I'll let the attendees tell you when they'll rejoin their keyboard (I
don't want it could sound like marketing), but you can already know that
EuroPython 2002 *is* a great success. Day 1 was really nice, Day 2 will
last in our minds for a long time. I'm sad for you you can't be one of
those 250 guys making a big fair here in Charleroi. 

Your CDRom's are all gone. Some of us won't have the chance to have one
since we got only 200 of them. Though, we didn't give them without asking
systematically to people if they were interrested in getting one, so
that there is no waste.

You're actually missing something. Prepare yourself for 2003 already, we
want you with us next year.

Yes, Python is really fun !


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