[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:14:53 +0100

Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Dear,
> I start a new thread that I hope is more explicit than the one "what
> about september" to address these 4 questions that I would have liked
> to split but that are too much linked the way I see them: : program +
> length + public + fees
> I sully support the idea proposed by NicolasC (Chauvat) to have a 3
> days conference with the first day oriented to "consumers" of the
> applications (by opposition to developpers) organized around business
> cases.


> For me there can exist a rather clear distinction between the people,
> both the exhibitors as well as the public,  who attend that first
> day, that will definitively be more business oriented than the other
> days, and the people who attend only the last 2 days, that could well
> be more developper oriented as last year.


> I would also suppose that students, if any, would be in general more
> interested by the last 2 days. I do also think that students who are
> the future business users as well as developpers should be encouraged
> by all means to participate. One of the way is making it really
> cheap, easy and attractive for them.


>(I will come back with more ideas like the one I put forward last year of a
competition with a
> prize)


> As there would exist different target public (again please consider
> both exhibitors and "consumers"), one category that is business
> oriented and one that is less, and that there is a temporal split
> between the 2, we could consider to make different fees. I suppose
> the distinction is clear enough to make the logistics behind not that
> heavier. (I do also think that this disctinction can help us, for
> example in the way that hostesses and/or a active welcome desks are
> necessary - hence the associated cost- for the frist day when it is
> less the other days.

You could for instance ask more fee for the first day, but...
The difficulty I see is how to be sure someone who has a ticket for only the
last 2 days, gets in the 1 day.
(Or vice versa: only ticket for the 1st day)
This can only be achieved with a very strict check, which isn't possible
like in the setup of last year. Also a very
strict check would impose long waiting rows.

> Please comment and react,
> NicolasP
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