[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:20:12 +0100

>> The difficulty I see is how to be sure someone who has a ticket for
>> only the last 2 days, gets in the 1 day.
> you can never be *sure* but you can do your best. For example have
> badges with a different color, and, for the first day, an hostess at
> the entrance of each rooms (that by the way make it a very
> professionnal conference) This can help to explain the larger price
> for the first day and the hostes can be students

So you imply a check at the registration desk + a check at the rooms itself?

registration: check if person has reserved and finding his/her batch
rooms: to see a person with a correct batch enters

All possible to do, but brings in more costs:

1) find people for the registration desk and the rooms
2) organisation of different batches etc.

> For example:
> day 1 = business day: everyone is welcome in the common exhibition
> area but blue badges (ie. for business people who have paid their due
> fees) only enter the conference rooms
> day 2 and 3 = developper days : blue badges (for business people) and
> orange badges (the other, developpers for example) are welcome
> everywhere; no control needed anymore at the entrance.
>> This can only be achieved with a very strict check, which isn't
>> possible like in the setup of last year.
> it is true that the control must be more strict and the setup a little
> different . See my proposal here above. Achievable I think with not
> that much costs. The social control can also help a lot : make the
> rule very clear, ask the the badge were worn very clearly (much like
> at the European Exhibition that I just attende) and ask everyone for
> the first day to behave like a professional.


>> Also a very
>> strict check would impose long waiting rows.
> not necesserarily.
> Make 2 desks: one for people who HAVE registered AND paid, that will
> be fast, one for the other where there can be a queue but let the
> people know in advance that this is the way it will be organised.

Mmmm, I don't know, but I still remember the days....

You're correct above, ie in the fact that it wasn't that good organised and
we didn't expect such a flood at a certain moment (but who was there to help
us just before the start of the conference: to plan, help on the setup,
think over it, ...) ? We just had the conference available in the evening
just before the start. Not able to do much then and with the few persons...
but lets put this aside)

The biggest problem was to find the person and to give his/her bag and
batch... And that increased the check in time a lot... Perhaps we have to
give the bags on another place? ie we make a desk inside (after check-in)
and by showing your batch, you get your bag... but this still gives the
waiting times for finding the batch for a certain person etc.

> Regards,
> NicolasP