[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:55:36 -0000

> Honestly, this idea of walking around with coloured bagdes seem
> a bit odd to me. Is it really so difficult for people to meet
> and communicate that we need to be tagged? I'm interested in
> all sorts of theings, and I'd like to be open for all sorts of
> events. This feels a bit square to me. I don't like being labeled!
> Isn't it better to just have fixed locations for various issues/
> subjects, and let people gather around these locations instead of
> walking around with some kind of codes? Business Square, Zope Corner,
> Twisted Staircase and Scientific Dungeon or whatever?

Now THAT's a good idea.

> >ouch.... and this all in a cheap, low participant amount conference?
> Barcodes can be printed with ReportLab, right?
> So it's not such a high-tech thing, but it's hardly
> something to have in each stand I guess...
> If it could be of help in the registration process
> etc, maybe it shouldn't be ruled out?

I think that there should be a 'pre-registration' step
once people have paid where people (a) choose what they want 
in their brochure, (b) indicate the tracks they are most likely 
to attend to give some idea of space planning, and (c)
'design their badge' within certain parameters :-)

It should always look like a EuroPython conference badge,
but if they want to add a company name or logo or extra
sentence in a defined space, they can do so.  You could
even pick a bunch of standard icons to denote yourself as a Twisted,
Zopista, Plongeur or whatever.  When they arrive, the badge
will be waiting as one label on a sheet of labels.

There is no business benefit in this whatever but it's a cute 
little promo for ReportLab.  We have enough notice this year
and I would really like to generate all possible printed
materials, as long as the data can be put in a database :-)

I can then put "don't ask me about Stackless..." on mine and
avoid all those makes-my-brain-hurt conversations :-)