[EuroPython] www.europython.org gives an impression of imminent death...

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 21:57:44 +0200

At 16:57 2003-04-17 +0100, Michael Hudson wrote:
>Magnus Lyckå <magnus@thinkware.se> writes:
> > I'm very happy to hear that things are happening after all,
> > but please, please, pretty please update the website ASAP!
>Do you have time to help us with that?

Not really.. :( I just hoped to be able to be a visitor this
time. Sorry. I shouldn't really be following this thread... I'm
seriously behind on more pressing stuff and my peeking in this
mailing list is really just my subconsious attempts to avoid doing
stuff I have to do. (Excel and VBA. Yuck!) I do hope that this
will fly though, and it would be sad if too few people attend
because they didn't know of the good content...

If nothing else is done, I hope someone can just add a clear
notice that the content for 2003 is expected to appear on the
site at some particular date (which is soon). Marking everything
on a search page, doing a search and getting "Sorry, none of the
talks fulfilled to your search criteria" sounds bad, even if it
continues with "The talks you are looking for are still being
approved by the selection committee." The visitor is completely
left in the dark!

I don't know how this works, I guessed that any tutorials or
speeches that are approved by the track manager would magically
appear in the web site through some Plone feature.

If that's true, I hope the track managers will approve their
talks and tutorials as soon as possible.

If there are items that are unclear, I'd rather see a listing
of items that are likely to happen, marked as "preliminary" than
nothing at all...

See you all in Charleroi (I hope).


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