[EuroPython] www.europython.org gives an impression of imminent death...

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 12:25:44 +0200

> If nothing else is done, I hope someone can just add a clear
> notice that the content for 2003 is expected to appear on the
> site at some particular date (which is soon). Marking everything
> on a search page, doing a search and getting "Sorry, none of the
> talks fulfilled to your search criteria" sounds bad, even if it
> continues with "The talks you are looking for are still being
> approved by the selection committee." The visitor is completely
> left in the dark!

You're right, it can be imporved, thanks for the tip. 

I made a link to the call for participation page


PS. There are also the news topics