[EuroPython] i18n and realted issues

Martin v. LŲwis martin@v.loewis.de
30 Apr 2003 07:20:43 +0200

Magnus Lyckå <magnus@thinkware.se> writes:

> Read again. getdefaultlocale() and setlocale(LC_ALL, '')
> followed by getlocale() give different results. on Win
> 2000 and XP. 

This is surely all off-topic for the EuroPython list, I'm also unsure
what your messages aim at. Do you say such things to point out
perceived bugs in Python, or to learn more about locales, or for some
other reason?

In any case, i18n-sig@python.org is a better list for such questions.
Trust me that Python exposes the full power of the Windows locale
system, and little more. You better use the locale names that Windows
uses, or else you'll lose. sv_SE is not a locale name that Windows
uses, so you should not use it, either. I also recommend to not use
getdefaultlocale and getlocale, but to only use setlocale.