[EuroPython] Broken website

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:53:27 +0100

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Tom Deprez wrote:
>> Mmm, where do you get these errors?
>> I tested all pages before and it worked...
>> I tested them again and they still work without problems. ..
> Maybe it's just because I have logged into the ZMI. Hmm, when
> I log out and try  http://www.europython.org/2002/ I get
> Error Type: TALESError
> Error Value: exceptions.UnicodeError on ASCII encoding error: ordinal
> not in range(128) in "standard:'here/Localizer/changeLanguageForm'",
> at line 174, column 7

Ah, ok you're looking into the 2002 folder... Well that's because we
upgraded and the 2002 content is broken for now (I'm not planning on
upgrading it soon) on the new instance
If you want to see the 2002 thingies, go to the other instance :
As told on the list, I let Amaze switch the 2 instances, yesterday. This

The new instance of Zope and the instance on which we work for EP2003 is
on : www.europython.org

The old instance of Zope with  working 2002 content is on: