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Laura Creighton lac@strakt.com
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 04:05:22 +0100

I don't get that:  I get:
Dit domein is geregistreerd voor een van onze klanten, maar is nog niet aan een website gekoppeld.
Voor meer informatie of informatie over mogelijke overname van dit domein kunt u contact opnemen met info@amaze.nl.

This domain has been registered for one of our customers but has not yet been linked to a website.
For more information or information on purchasing this domain, please contact info@amaze.nl 


In a message of Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:41:11 +0100, "Tom Deprez" writes:
>uhm, have you read my post of yesterday? Thomas Reulbach (owner of
>www.europython.org) has told me he was going to work on some issues. If
>I go to www.europython.org, I get the following message:
>Europython 2003
>Europython.org is moving. This is just a temporary forward page. The
>actual presence can be found here: Europython 2003.
>Isn't that correct?
>Laura Creighton wrote:
>> If you type that into your web browser, you get a message from Amaze
>> saying that it hasn't been linked to a website.  Is that what we
>> want?  I would have thought 'click here for old 2002 website' on a
>> page saying the dates was more like it.  Of course, this is because I
>> just went there to verify the dates, because I have a mind like a
>> seive.
>> Laura
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