[EuroPython] RE: [Pbf] Some things I'd like to see at EuroPython...

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:34:41 +0000

Martijn Faassen <faassen@vet.uu.nl> writes:

> Andy Robinson wrote:
>> > * A ReportLab tutorial.
>> > * A Twisted tutorial or workshop.
> Both of these tutorials (and others mentioned) belong in the 'Python
> Frameworks' track so please make an entry there. :)
> Ugh oh, I figure Python Frameworks may become a central nexus of all
> tutorials except the Zope ones.. I won't be able to run that by myself,
> so for the tutorials I'd love to have someone help me so I am not stuck
> running an entire day or more running the track + tutorials.

I imagine we can cooperate.  We need to find people to give all these
tutorials, though.


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