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Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Wed Nov 12 15:34:09 EST 2003

If they are moving towards track chairmen and the like, and
want to receive papers the way we do, do we have a paper submission
system which they could just have?  Or is ours broken in pieces and
awaiting reassembly now?

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Subject: RE: [Pycon-organizers] Organizers calendar: first stab
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[David Ascher]
> Steve Holden wrote:
> [great start, btw!]

Thanks. Better late than never ...
> > 03/11/13 *	Registration system opens
> I assume that the registration system has been reviewed & QA'ed?
It has had *some* review, but no formal QA. I would personally be much
happier if everyone on this list would run through the process at least
once to make sure there are no glitches, and that everything happens as
it should. Trevor Toenjes will have to say whether he's happy to have
that happen (but if he isn't we shouldn't be announcing it yet ;-)

> > 03/11/17 *	Submissions system opens
> I would like to be involved in some QA of the submission system before
> its opening.  I suspect others would want to as well.
I'd like to *have* a submission system. It turns out that nobody has
done any work on this :-(

I had understood it was going to be part and parcel of the registration
system, but Trevor had apparently backed off that part of things when a
request for proposals went out on this list. So we are without a system,
again, and I'm somewhat miffed about this.

The one thing I will *not* be doing is accepting submissions in personal
emails - this led to several worthy papers nearly getting completely
lost last year, I just get too much mail to track important issues like
that via PyCon mail filtering.

I'm wondering whether it might be better to determine what tracks we
want, appoint track chairs, and have prospective speakers submit to the
track chairs? The chairs can always swap papers if they think a
submission is cross-track, or in the wrong track.

This is the time for those of you who *really* want to help to step up
to the plate ...

> > 03/11/21 *	Announcement of sponsorship opportunities
> We need a sponsorship lead and budgetary goals, IIRC?
Indeed. Would you like to propose action items and dates I can fit in to
the calendar? Also I'll be putting out a call for potential sponsors to
this list later.

It would probably be a good idea to re-publish the calendar each week,
so we can see where we're up to ... or even keep a copy on the Wiki?

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