[EuroPython] Timing of Europython 2004

Tom Deprez tom at aragne.com
Mon Sep 8 21:04:19 EDT 2003

> Unless I hear wild protests, I will work on the August 4-6
> alternative, with time for sprints 31 July - 3 August.

While I probably can make myself available in August, I'm not sure if
others can say the same so easely. If I recall correctly, we had the
previous conferences outside the holiday period, just because it was
difficult for some people to arange it during those periods.
Unfortunately, I don't know the percentage of this group. It would be
good if people could tell us, so people if possible, please give some
feedback on your preferred period.

> Item 2:
> I would like to invite the Chalmers Computer Society
> (http://www.cd.chalmers.se) as co-organisers of the Europython.
> Student organisations at Chalmers get nice rebates on renting space
> from the university (I did not calculate with any such rebates in my
> proposal). We could also get some volunteers for the conference. For
> the society, it would be good for their image.



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