[EuroPython] Timing of Europython 2004

Martijn Faassen faassen at vet.uu.nl
Mon Sep 8 19:04:14 EDT 2003

Godefroid Chapelle wrote:
> I must say that June 7-9 looks much much better to us in Belgium than begin 
> of August.
> We (Xavier and I) have the feeling that having the conference just in the 
> middle of summer holidays will
> cut us from the participation of a lot of people. A conference in August is 
> a supplementary constraint people have to manage (for those that have 
> children or coworkers having children and taking their vacations in those 
> times).

While august would not be a big problem for me, many people do have 
their holidays during this time and june does look better to me as well.



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