[EuroPython] New EPC website.

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Fri Sep 19 08:01:19 EDT 2003

I have allready started work on the new website and feedback from other
people has been overwhelmingly non-existant.

I haven't done any signifcat work since July or so, and I am waiting for
feedback. So far I have started implementing a few things and have written
some plans for it.

I will continue doing stuff and I will simply assume that lack of feedback
equals acceptance of the work being done :-)

You will find the site at:


Regarding the issue of retaingin or rebuilding the site, I think it has to
be rebuilt anyway and will continue to work on it (as it also fits in well
with development I am doing for another UG), but perhaps it is not necessary
to have it finished and replace the existing site for EPC 2004.



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Dario Lopez-Kästen, IT Systems & Services Chalmers University of Tech.

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