[EuroPython] Starting to plan

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sun Sep 21 19:18:57 EDT 2003

> > IMO, we need to show companies, even if it means charging them 
> > *nothing* (other than registration) for the privilege.  At least, 
> > nothing for small (under 15) companies.

Free resources are never used sensibly and I suspect
over half the people there will turn out to be in
'very small companies' and you'll need a lot of
tables.  May I suggest a different kind of 'sponsorship 
package' which I think is appropriate to our community.
Let's recognize that the small firms there probably have 
1-3 people and they want to be in the talks too, and 
don't have much money.  Nevertheless some people find it
easier to come if there is some 'business case' and
they know they can somehow show what they are doing.

1. Companies pay a small fee for a stand (e.g. Eur 100).
They are expected to man it at certain times when
people can walk around - let's say 17:00-19:00 each

2. They also get a "product presentation" lightning talk 
slot where they can do a very short (5 min) "pitch".  

3. They get minor branding on the site and a page on
what they do in the program (they contribute this
online, all automated, so we have a directory of

4. Some of their money is used to buy drinks in
the same time slot, to encourage people to walk around
and listen...(sigh, I suspect Chimay may not be

5. Open Source projects who want the same deal get it
for free, or for something very small (20 Euros?)
if there are costs in providing the tables.

I think this way you might have a package which attracted
quite a lot of small firms.  The key thing is, those
of us taking part in this are not limited from attending
or even organizing the conference because it fits into
a welld efined time slot.

Also, I think a number of talks could be moved into
the commercial space, meaning that you convert "someone
getting in free to give a talk about their product" into 
"someone paying their fare to attend, and paying a little 
more to support the event".

Just my 2p worth,

Andy Robinson

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